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Department Of Mathematics

HOD Of the Department

Name : Ms.S.Mekala
Designation : HOD
Qualification : M.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed.,


The department of mathematics aspires to the highest standards of excellence in teaching and strives to earn regional recognition for its expertise in the field of Mathematics. It aims to provide an environment where students can learn and become competent users of mathematical applications. Creates an atmosphere to grow successfully in their chosen professions. It promotes the belief that mathematics holds an important place in the history of humanity in the future of all human beings.


  • To contribute the development of students as mathematical thinkers.
  • To encourage them to develop problem solving abilities which transcend the confines of the field of mathematics.
  • To encourage them to get involved in seminars, paper presentations and workshop.
  • To collaborate with local community organizations, professional academician and with other campus entities and individuals.

Objective of Curriculam:

  • Know and demonstrate understanding of the concepts from the five branches of mathematics (number, algebra, geometry and trigonometry, statistics and probability, and discrete mathematics)
  • Use appropriate mathematical concepts and skills to solve problems in both familiar and unfamiliar situations including those in real-life contexts
  • Select and apply general rules correctly to solve problems including those in real-life contexts.
S.No. Faculty Name Qualification Designation
1. Ms.S.Mekala M.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed., HOD
2. Ms.A.Jeya bharathi M.Sc., M.Phil., D.G.T Asst prof (Maths)
3. Ms.B.SANDHIYA M.Sc., M.Phil., Asst prof (Maths)
4. Ms.A.Suganya M.Sc , M.Phil Asst prof (Phy)