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We offer students a wide choice of games, sports and recreational activities basic infrastructures wide playgrounds & materials for all games and sports activities are available. We have the facilities to play basketball, volleyball, cricket, ball badminton. We also offer students with wide range of indoor games like carom and chess.

Full-fledged football ground with an area coverage of six acres is available.

Mega open air auditorium with a permanently set stage is available. Permanent cement concrete galleries with a sealing capacity of more than 1000 students is available.

Track lane of 400 meters with 8 lane capacity is available.

Provisions for javelin throw Jump events with inbuilt facilities are available to students.

Cement concrete basketball ground worth 2o lakhs rupees is available.

Tennis court with the state of the art facilities are available with protected net coverage fencing.

  • Standard
  • Hockey Ground
  • Volley Ball Court
  • KhoKho Ground
  • Khabadi
  • Ball Badmenton
  • Shuttle cock court with proper standards and measurements are available.
  • Indoor Games Like

    • Table Tennis
    • Carom
    • Chess
    • Shuttle with fully equipped indoor and outdoor Gymnastics are available.

    Full Time coaches and physical directors impart training to students.

    Gymnastic well equipped with the gadgets to improve physique and give corrective measures for reducing obesity and to maintain physical fitness.