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    Kindergarten worksheets are a great way for your child to practice core concepts and skills. Our worksheets feature simple instructions and designs that work at home and in the classroom. our kindergartener will practice and learn new letters, begin to write and read sight words , count, perform simple addition and more. To explore one subject more in depth, try our kindergarten reading worksheets.


    Drop everything pick up a pencil and draw and then share your art Drawing Day encourages us to spread the joy of drawing, and to share our creations with the wider community. Our kids were participate and won the prize.


    Play is more than just fun for babies and children. Its how they learn, and how they work out who they are, how the world works and where they fit into it.

    Build confidence

    Feel loved, happy and safe

    Develop social skills, language and communication

    Learn about caring for others and the environment

    Develop physical skills

    Connect and refine pathways in her brain.

    Unstructured play might be:

    Creative play alone or with others, including artistic or musical games

    Imaginative games for example, making cubby houses with boxes or blankets, dressing up, playing make-believe

    Exploring new or favorite play spaces such as cupboards, backyards, parks, playgrounds and so on.

    Structured play is different. Its more organized and happens at a fixed time or in a set space, and is often led by a grown-up.

    Structured play include:

    Story telling groups for toddlers and preschoolers at the local library

    Dance, music or drama classes for children of all ages

    Family board or card games