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Kindergarten registration will be held in May, there will be more school forms to complete, and at this time, you will also purchase and measure school uniforms, purchase Books & Learning materials and Snack service.

Parents can obtain admission forms personally from school premises. Parents can submit the completed admission forms from 9.30a.m. to 4.30 p.m. to the school. We accept application throughout the year. The admission forms must have attached a child recent photo (Stick on the application form) when submitted and include the following :

1. Copy of childs birth certificate

2. Original copy of Transfer certificate.

3. 3 uniformed Passport size Photos.


In June, parents will be asked to attend an introductory meeting for parents in the term before your child is due to start kindergarten. We will also arrange an opportunity for your child to visit the school and meet the teachers. Our students learn in a loving and supportive environment for them to acquire skills for the future. We hope you consider joining our school and community. Latha Mathavan Kindergarten is fully committed to equal opportunities in education.