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Staff service :

The success is also the combined effort of the teachers whose supreme art is to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. We are fortunate to have a cadre of well trained, well experienced , dedicated and capable of fulfilling of the growing modern generation of students.

Student service :

We have an enthusiastic team of Co-curricular activity for Music, dance , drawing , yoga. This helps in exploring and nurturing the innate talents and skills of our promising students.

We give the worksheet in alternative days of the week to improve the childs mental abilities. Monthly test are conducted and the reports are send through his/her parents.

Water service :

We have 24 hrs mineral water facilities and its provided to all the group of childrens.

LMNPS salient features :

students play under the careful eye of their teacher.

Child Growth and Development

Interface between Kindergarten and Primary School

Curriculum Resources

Parent-child Reading


Resources on Parent-child Education

Linguistic intelligence is about being word-smart thinking, speaking and writing are expressions of this intelligence.

Intra personal intelligence is about self-awareness.

Recognizing your own strengths and weakness helps in planning your life.