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Mechanical Engineering

HOD Of the Department

Designation : HOD
Qualification :B.E, M.E, (PhD).
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To offer Quality Education & training to produce world class Mechanical Engineering graduates by providing technical competency blended with advanced computing skills so as to empower them for taking decision in the practical field with emphasis on Quality & Ecology and to meet the expectation of the global industrial demands


  • Providing suitable teaching methods and adequate high quality focused education and set up centre of excellence in thrust areas of mechanical engineering like Mechatronics,CIM, Nano technology,energy,newer materials and CAE etc
  • Training in problem solving, assisting in analytical skills and developing technical competence with practical exposure to the students to meet the challenges of new millennium.
  • Enhancing the quality of the Mechanical Engineering program through systematic assessments and feedback

Educational Objectives

  • Achieve excellence in learning and research through continual improvement in both content and delivery of the academic programmes.
  • Able to adapt the changing technology and human needs.
S.No. Faculty Name Qualification Designation
2. Mr.T.K.SIVAKUMAR B.E.,M.E., Asso.Prof (CAD/CAM)
3. Mrs.N.PARAMESHWARI B.E.,M.E, (Ph.D) Asso.Prof (Manufacturing Engg.)
4. Mr.S.AHMED SULAIMAN B.E.,M.E, Asst.Prof (Production Engg.)
5. Mr.C.SENTHIL RAM KUMAR B.E.,M.E, Asst.Prof (Product Development & Commerce)
6. Mr.R.RAMACHANDRAN B.E.,M.E, Asst.Prof (Thermal Engg.)
7. Mr.A.KALI MURUGAN B.E.,M.E, Asst.Prof (Industrial Safety)
8. Mr.J.DAVID GNANARAJ B.E.,M.E, Asst.Prof (CAD / CAM)
9. Mrs.J.JEYAVAIDEGI B.E.,M.E, Asst.Prof (Engineering Design)
10. Mr.K.KANNAN B.E.,M.E, Asst.Prof (CAD / CAM)
11. Mr. K. VEL MURUGAN B.E.,M.E, Asst.Prof (Engineering Design)
12. Mr.V. Mari Muthu Kumar B.E.,M.E, Asst.Prof (Engineering Design)
13. Mr.B. Thiruthani B.E.,M.E, Asst.Prof (Thermal Engg.)
14. Mr.P.VINOTH KUMAR B.E.,M.E, Asst.Prof (Manufacturing Engg.)
15. Mr.C.PRABUNIVAS B.E.,M.E, Asst.Prof (Mechanical Engg.)
16. Mr.V.SRINIVASAKUMAR B.E.,M.E, Asst.Prof (Engineering Design.)
17. Mr.P.KANNAN B.E.,M.E, Asst.Prof (Energy Engg.)