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(Run by Karuppiah Pillai Theivanai Ammal Educational Trust)
ISO 9001 : 2018 Certified Institution

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Latest News & Announcements

  • 12 APR 24
    LMASC Organized Patrimanram for Tamil New Year held at KRT Hall
  • 28 MAR 24
    LMPC 7 TN BN NCC Organized Election Awarness Rally held at mellur
  • 27 MAR 24
    LMEC EEE Department Organized Association Activities 2K24 Skill Development Program
  • 25 MAR 24
    LMASC Organized Feminaa '24 & Voters Awareness Program @KRT Conference Hall LMGI
  • 02, 16, 23 MAR 24
    LMMHSS Organized Fun Time Camp
  • 23 MAR 24
    LMGI Organized Medical Counselling Camp with preethi Hosptials @ LMEC Campus
  • 20 MAR 24
    LMGI News-letter FEB-2024 to Released by Our Honourable Chairman and Founder LMGI Datuk Dr.K.Mathavan
  • 18 MAR 24
    LMEC Organized 17th Annual Day celebration @ Alagia Meenal Auditorium LMGI
  • 17 MAR 24
    LMASC Organized 2nd Graduation Day celebration @ Alagia Meenal Auditorium LMGI
  • 16 MAR 24
    LMASC Organized 9th Annual Day celebration @ Alagia Meenal Auditorium LMGI
  • 14 MAR 24
    LMIIEC Organized Emerging Entrepreneurship Opportunities @ KRT Conference Hall
  • 12 MAR 24
    LMGI Organized Blood Donation Camp @ KRT Conference Hall
  • 08 MAR 24
    LMGI Organized International Women's Day 2024
    LMPC Organized RRC Program @ KRT Hall
  • 04 MAR 24
    LMGI News-letter to Released by Our Honourable Director And Joint Secretary Mr.Jegan Mathavan
  • 03 MAR 24
    LMASC Organized Annual Alumni Meet 2024 @ KRT Hall
  • 29 FEB 24
    LMPC Organized ARUNA On Campus Interview @ KRT Hall
  • 27 FEB 24
    LMPC Organized INDO-SHELL PVT Ltd On Campus Interview @ KRT Hall
  • 25 FEB 24
    LMASC Organized Annual Alumni Meet @ KRT Hall
  • 22 FEB 24
    LMGI Organized JN Machinery On Campus Interview @ LMEC Seminar Hall
  • 21 FEB 24
    LMec Organized Industrial Visit@ Ever Power Charging Station @ Madurai
  • 19 FEB 24
    LMGI Organized Admission Pooja for 2024-25 @ Arivalaya Vinayagar Temple LMGI Campus
  • 16 FEB 24
    LMPC Organized On Campus Interview From TVS Sundaram Brake Linings Ltd @ KRT Conference Hall
  • 15 FEB 24
    LMPC Organized On Campus Interview From LG Service Center @ KRT Conference Hall
  • 14 FEB 24
    LMGI Organized Road Awareness Rally Conducted by Regional Transport Office and TamilNadu Police Total 42 NCC Cadets, 128 NSS Students and 7 Staffs Participated in this Rally.
  • 13 FEB 24
    LMEC Organized Placement Drive FromRIKUN Manufacturing Pvt Ltd From Chennai.
  • 07 FEB 24
    LMASC Organized Navigating The Digital Frontier Masstering Key Computer Skills For Job Successn @ LMASC Smart Room
  • 03 FEB 24
    LMGI Organized Pooled Campus Drive with TAFE at KRT Hall
  • 02 FEB 24
    LMGI Organized Placement Drive with TVS Sundaram Brake Linings Limited at KRT Hall
  • 30 & 31 JAN 24
    LMASC Organized Placement Drive With Sureti Insurance and ICICI Lombard Insurance at LMASC Smart Room
  • 27 JAN 24
    LMGI Organized Annual Sports Meet @ KRT Stadium LMGI Campus
    LMMHSS Organized 16th Annual Day & KG Graduation Day at Shri Ayyakkannu Pillai Meenambal Auditorium LMGI Campus
  • 26 JAN 24
    LMPC Organized Annual Alumni Meet 2024 at KRT Hall
    LMGI Organized to celebrated "Republic Day Program"
  • 24 JAN 24
    LMPC Organized Motivational Program at KRT Hall
  • 12 JAN 24
    LMGI Organized "Building A Culture of Innovation of Sustainable Entrepreneurship"
    LMGI celebrated Pongal 2024
  • 29 & 30 DEC 23
    LMEC Department of Computer Science Engg and Department of Science and Humanities Organized Workshop on "Problem Solving Using Python"
  • 28 DEC 23
    LMASC Organized Tree Plantation Program in our College Campus
  • 23 DEC 23
    LMPC Organized "27 Annual Day Program"
    LMasc Organized Faculty Development Program "Art of Writing Research Article"
  • 22 DEC 23
    LMGI Organized "Faculty Honoring Program"
  • 15 DEC 23
    LMEC Organized Webinar on "Personality Development for Technical Career" Program
  • 13 DEC 23
    LMEC Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering Organized Motivation program in "Hero With In"
  • 11 DEC 23
    LMASC Organized "Bharatiya Bhasha Utsav" Program at KRT Hall
  • 05 DEC 23
    LMPC Organized Campus Interview "Aruna Alloy PVT LTD"
  • 02 DEC 23
    LMGI Organized Faculty Development Program at KRT Hall
  • 27 - 30 NOV 23
    LMEC Organized Sri Ramachandra Mission Presents "Yoga Class" at LMEC Seminar Hall
  • 24 NOV 23
    LMEC Organized "Road Safety Awareness" Program at LMEC Seminar Hall
  • 23 NOV 23
    LMMHSS Organized to Field Trip at "Keeladi Museum"
  • 20 NOV 23
    LMGI Organized "Program to Explain Bank Educational Loan Details"
  • 14 NOV 23
    LMMHSS Organized to celebrated Childrens Day and Sports Events in our School Campus
  • 11 NOV 23
    LMMHSS Organized to celebrated Diwali in our School Campus
  • 10 NOV 23
    LMEC Organized Industrial Visit Trip to our Students
    LMMHSS Students Won The Medals and certificates from TATA Building School Essays Competitions
    LMMHSS Examination of Seed Germination Project Works
  • 07 & 08 NOV 23
    LMEC CSE, ECE & EEE Department Organized Workshop on "DIYA INTEL sponserd hands on robotics and embedded systems"
    LMEC Organized Tree Plantation Program in our college Premises with NCC Students
  • 04 NOV 23
    LMPC Organized 20th Governing Council Meeting 23-24
    LMEC Organized 16th Governing Council Meeting 23-24
  • 03 NOV 23
    LMASC Organized 8th Governing Council Meeting 23-24
  • 01 NOV 23
    LMEC Department of Library & IQAC Organized FACULTY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM
    LMASC Organized Typewriting Course Inaugural
  • 31 OCT 23
    LMEC Organized Incubation Cell Inauguration at Civil Survey lab
  • 29 OCT 23
    LMPC Organized Pooled Campus "Emerald from Coimbatore" at KRT Hall
  • 27 OCT 23
    LMPC Organized Blessing Meeting Day "Aiming Excellence"
  • 26 OCT 23
    LMASC Department of Tamil Organized Patrimandram @ KRT Hall
  • 23 OCT 23
    LMMHSS Organized Saraswati Pooja and Vijaydasami Pooja celebration
  • 20 OCT 23
    LMEC Organized Dengue Awareness Program @ Vallalapatti Village
  • 19 OCT 23
    LMASC Organized Students to visit book Exhibition 2023 @ Madurai
  • 16 OCT 23
    LMASC Department of Economics Organized Technical Seminar Program Topic "Green Economy A Solution to India's Slowdown"
    LMASC Department of Tamil Organized Department Cricket Matches
  • 13 OCT 23
    LMEC Department of Mechanical Engineering Presents "World Students Day Program"
    LMASC Department of Computer Science Organized Seminar Program and Trip to vist Historical Place like "The Keeladi Heritage Museum"
    LMASC Department of Computer Science Organized Read and write skills Motiviation program
  • 12 OCT 23
    LMASC Department of Computer Science Organized Guest Lecturer Program Topic "Self Motiviation and Positive Attitute"
    LMMHSS Organized Art from Waste and Egg Day celebration Program
  • 11 OCT 23
    LMPC Organized Guest Lecturer Program Topic "Artificial Intelligence"
    LMASC Department of Business Administration and Commerce & Banking Organized Tree Plantation Program
  • 10 OCT 23
    LMEC Department of Computer Science Organized Technical Seminar Program Topic "Career Exploration and Skill Development"
  • 09 OCT 23
    LMASC Department of Mathematics Organized Seminar Topic "Appication of Mathematics in Real Life"
  • 07 OCT 23
    LMPC Department of EEE & ECE Organized Guest Lecturer Program @ KRT Hall
    LMMHSS Organized Parents Teachers Meeting Program
  • 06 OCT 23
    LMASC Department of Tamil Organized Guest Lecturer Program Topic "Vaiya thalamaikol"
  • 04 OCT 23
    LMEC Department of Civil Engineering Organized Guest Lecturer Program "Design and construction of pavement"
  • 30 SEP 23
    LMASC Department of English Organized one day seminar Program "Dynamics of English" and Departmeent of Chemistry and Physics "Nuclear Knights Club Activity - Science Art"
    LMPC Organized Guest Lecturer Program "Dynamics of English Cum Motivation"
  • 29 SEP 23
    LMGI Organized Swachh Bharat Cleaning Campaign in Gandhi Museum with NCC & NSS Students
    LMASC Department of Physics and Chemistry Organized Seminar "Topic : Battery and its application" @ KRT Hall
  • 26 SEP 23
    LMGI and TVS Sri Chakra Limited (TVS EUROGRIP) Organized "Internship Opportunity"
  • 23 SEP 23
    LMPC Organized "Faculty Development Program" @ KRT Hall
  • 22 SEP 23
    LMASC Organized "Guest Lecturer KEYNESIAN CLUB" @ KRT Hall
    LMASC Department of Computer Science Organized "Guest Lecturer Topic: Feint to improve Communicative Skills"
  • 21 SEP 23
    LMASC Department of B.Com (CA) Organized "internal Sports Activity"
  • 20 SEP 23
    LMASC Organized Students to Visit "THE HISTORICAL PLACES"
    LMASC Organized to plant 10 trees in our College Campus
  • 19 SEP 23
    LMPC Organized "Guest Lecturer on Topic IOT" @ KRT Hall
  • 16 SEP 23
    LMMHSS Organized Our School Students intract with Siva Prasad IPS Superindent of Police in Madurai
    LMMHSS Organized to celebrated "Red Day"
  • 15 SEP 23
    LMEC Department Of Civil Engineering Organized "INDUSTRY EXPERTS TALK" "Demystifying Load Factors A Guide to Building Load Calculation"
    LMEC Organized to celebrated Engineer's Day
  • 14 SEP 23
    LMASC Organized "Millets Mela For a Fitter, Leaner & Happier" @ KRT Hall
  • 12 SEP 23
    LMEC DEPARTMENT of Civil Engineering Organized One Day Workshop on "Designing The Future-CAD'S Role in Civil Engineering"
  • 11 SEP 23
    LMASC Organized "MUSIC EVENT" One Day Workshop For First Year Students
  • 08 SEP 23
    LMASC Organized Field Trip to Historical places in madurai
    LMMHSS Organized Food Festival for school Childrens
  • 07 SEP 23
    LMASC Department of Computer Science Organized "Seminar on Python Programming"
  • 01 SEP 23
    LMPC Organized "ETHICAL PROGRAM" For First Year Students @ KRT HALL
  • 30 AUG 23
    LMEC Dept of ECE & IQAC Organized Aptitude Development Workshop For Campus Placements
  • 28 AUG 23
    LMASC Dept of Physics & Chemistry Organized Club Inauguration Program "Nuclear Knights"
  • 25 AUG 23
    LMEC Dept of Mech Organized Workshop "Advancement in Automotive Safety"
  • 24 AUG 23
    LMEC Organized Association Programme "Career opportunities in IT Sector"
  • 19 AUG 23
    LMASC Organized Convocation 2023 celebration upto 2020 batch Students Gradution Day
  • 17 AUG 23
    LMEC Organized Raising Ceremony of NCC NAVY
  • 16 AUG 23
    LMEC Organized Fresher Day 2023 - 2024 celebration @ KRT Hall
  • 15 AUG 23
    LMGI Organized 77th Independents Day celebration
    Our LMGI Honorable Chairman photo Stamp Released by CEO, Madurai District and Tamilnadu Educational Officials
  • 09 AUG 23
    LMASC Department of Business Administration & Commerce (Banking) Organized CLUB Inaugural for 2023
  • 08 AUG 23
    LMASC Department of Commerce Organized CLUB Inaugural for 2023
  • 07 AUG 23
    LMASC Department of English and Economics Organized CHAUCER'S LITERACY CLUB & KEYNESIAN CLUB Inaugural for 2023
  • 05 AUG 23
    LMASC Tamil Department Organized kodul kalai ellayakiya tamil mandram
  • 04 AUG 23
    LMASC Organized Seminar Program "Desktop Engineering"
  • 02 AUG 23
    LMASC Organized Skill Training For Job Seekers
  • 28 JUL 23
    LMMHSS Organized "Our School Field Trip Program"
  • 26 JUL 23
    LMASC Department of Computer Applications Organized "Tech Icons Program"
  • 25 JUL 23
    LMASC Department of Computer Applications Organized "Motivation Program"
  • 21 JUL 23
    LMASC Department of Organized "Throne's Club Meet Program"
  • 14 JUL 23
    LMMHSS Organized "karmaveer Kamarajar brithday Celebration"
  • 07 JUL 23
    LMASC Organized "Fresher's Inauguration 2023-24"
  • 28 JUN 23
    LMPC Organized "Fresher's Orientation Meeting 2023-24"
  • 24 APR 23
    LMEC Organized "Pooled Campus Drive 2023 Program by Power Tech Development W.LL (Bahrain) & Global Power Tech (U.A.E)"
  • 20 APR 23
    LMEC Organized "Online webinar Program Machine Learning"
  • 19 APR 23
    LMEC Organized "Guest Lecturer Program Algorithms"
  • 13 APR 23
    LMEC Organized "Pooled Campus Drive 2023 Program by RKCPL"
  • 12 APR 23
    LMEC Organized "Database Management System webinar Program"
  • 11 APR 23
    LMASC Organized "Plastic Awareness Program and Distribute Manja Pai"
  • 10 APR 23
    LMASC Organized "Road Safety Awareness Program"
  • 06 APR 23
    LMASC Organized "Placement Drive Program by Magic Bus India Foundation"
  • 05 APR 23
    LMASC Organized "Effective Communication Skill Program"
  • 1 APR 23
    LMASC Dept of Maths & Science Organized "Tweet Analysis in Social Media Seminar Program"
    LMMHSS Organized Vallalapatti village Rally From Vallalapatti to Silipipatti
  • 31 MAR 23
    LMEC Organized "GYAN LMEC 2K23 Program"
  • 29 MAR 23
    LMEC & LMPC Organized "Pooled Campus Drive wind world Ltd"
  • 28 MAR 23
    LMASC Organized "Campus Drive LOGSKIM SOLUTIONS PVT Ltd"
  • 24 MAR 23
    LMASC Organized "Seminar Effective Communication Skill Program"
    LMASC Organized Inter Collegiate Meet "Trendz 2k23"
    LMEC Organized "Consumers Rights Protection & Affairs Program"
  • 23 MAR 23
    LMASC Dept of Computer Science Organized " Memorandum of understanding Red Hat Program"
  • 21 MAR 23
    LMASC Organized "Women Empowerment Cell Program"
    LMEC Organized "Entrepreneurship Development Cell Seminar Program"
  • 13 & 14 MAR 23
    LMEC Organized "Campus Drive 2023"
  • 10 MAR 23
    LMASC Dept of Computer Application Organized "Inter College Competition"
    LMPC Organized "Pool Campus Conducted by CRI Pumps"
    LMMHSS Organized Science Activity Day"
  • 09 MAR 23
    LMPC Organized "Motivation Program"
  • 08 MAR 23
    LMGI Organized "International Women's Day 2023 Program"
  • 03 MAR 23
    LMASC Dept of Computer Application Organized "Naan Muthalvan Program"
  • 28 FEB 23
    LMEC Dept of Science and Humantities Organized "SCIENCE DAY"
    LMEC Placement Cell & Madurai District Employment office Organized "Power of Moves & Vibes"
  • 26 FEB 23
    LMASC Organized "Alumni Meet 2023"
  • 25 FEB 23
    LMMHSS Organized "Talent Show 2023" Program
  • 24 FEB 23
    LMASC Dept of Business Administration Organized Seminar "Entrepreneurship Development"
    LMEC Organized Industrial Visit at Code Bind Technologies Coimbatore
  • 23 FEB 23
    LMPC Organized "Oncampus Interview 2023"
  • 22 FEB 23
    LMASC Dept Of Computer Application Organized Seminar "Decades of Open Source"
  • 21 FEB 23
    LMASC Department of Organized Seminar "Information About Banking Activities"
  • 17 FEB 23
    LMASC Organized "Pooled Capus 2023"
    LMASC Dept of Commerce Organized "Intercollege Competition in Commerce"
  • 15 FEB 23
    LMEC Organized Value Added Courses and Placement Training for wind & Solar Energy from Profenna Technology
    LMASC Organized Online Program "View of Budget 2023-24" by Dept of Economics
  • 11 FEB 23
    LMASC Dept Of English Organized "Seminar Program"
  • 07 FEB 23
    LMEC Organized Placement Training program "What Next After Engineering"
  • 04 FEB 23
    LMGI Organized "Yamaha Training School Grand Opening"
  • 02 FEB 23
    LMGI Organized Plastic Awareness Program "Manjapai"
    LMASC Organized "The Eye Foundation Camp Program"
  • 31 JAN 23
    LMMHSS Organized "Cultural & Graduation Day Celebration"
    LMPC Off-Campus Conducted by "Eureka Forbes Coimbatore" Our College 22 Students Selected out of 24 Students.
  • 29 JAN 23
    LMEC Organized 11th Graduation Day @ 10.00AM
    LMGI Organized "Yamaha Training Program" Reg Link:
  • 28 JAN 23
    LMPC Organized 19th Governing Council Meeting
    LMEC Organized 15th Governing Council Meeting
  • 27 JAN 23
    LMASC Organized 7th Governing Council Meeting
  • 26 JAN 23
    LMPC Reunion Program for Alumni on 26/01/2023
    Reg Link:
    LMGI Celebrate Republic Day Function
  • 25 JAN 23
    LMASC Dept of Maths & Computer Science Organized "Seminar program on Vedic Maths"
  • 24 JAN 23
    LMASC Dept of Economics Organized "Seminar program"
    LMMHSS Organized "Pledge Against Plastic use"
  • 20 JAN 23
    LMPC Organized "Plastic Awareness Program"
    LMASC Organized Placement Cell Program "Skill Development Program"
    LMGI Organized "Women Empowerment Awareness Program"
  • 19 JAN 23
    LMPC Civil Dept Organized Guest Lecturer Program
    LMASC Organized "Plastic Awareness program"
  • 13 JAN 23
    LMASC Organized 2nd Food Festival 2023

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Managing Trustee and Chairman









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Our Institutes

Latha Mathavan Engineering College got 3rd Place in Madurai Zonal Announce by Anna University on 2021. Latha Mathavan Engineering College which was established in 2007.

Latha Mathavan Polytechnic College which was established in 1996. Excellence of 25years.

Latha Mathavan Arts & Science College which was established in 2015.

Latha Mathavan Matriculation School which was established in 2009 with the aim is to provide quality education to prepare leaders of tomorrow and also to establish educational institution with a high standard.

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about us

Welcome to lmgi

At Latha Mathavan Group of Institutions, we believe that given the right push, guidance and infrastructure, every student can reach beyond himself to become a super achiever! That is why, right from reception, this group of institutions has added more and more facilities for excellence to flower not just in education but in all walks of life.

LMGI will attribute activities in line with Tamil Nadu State Government and abide by the state norms. Physically challenged individuals will be given reasonable 25% concession in fees, meritorious students with 15% concession and financially strained students with 10% concession in announced fees will be given from case-to-case basis. LMGI will be the center for 100% placement training activities for all eligible students who are able and eager to become agents of industries and the economic progress of the nation.

Our Mission

  1. To Build Institution Par Excellence With Global Standards To Impart Quality Engineering , Arts & Science and  Management Programs.
  2. To Provide State-Of-The-Art-Facilities And Quality Faculty To Develop Students As Excellent Leaders In Their Profession.
  3. To Equip The Students With Appropriate Skills To Compete In Global Job Market.
  4. To Inculcate Ethics And Values In Students And To Ignite Their Passion For Holistic Excellence.
  5. To Promote The Development Of The Society And Country At Large Through Technological Innovations And Industry Institution Interaction.

Our Vision

To Develop Eminent And Ethical Engineers, Arts & Science students In Society By Imparting Quality Arts &Science ,Technical Education With Emphasis On Discipline, Human Values And Holistic Excellence.


Latha Mathavan Group of Institution Campus is set on 50 acres of tropical greenery surrounded by Alagarmalai Hills, near Alagar kovil Reserve Forest that gives a natural beauty and a pleasant environment suited for education. With 35 acres fully utilised, our campus is encompassed with beautiful landscaping and well-equipped facilities, providing an interactive environment for learning and development combined with dynamic social and leisure activities.


  1. To Provide State Of The Art Facilities For Quality School education , Engineering, Technical, Arts & Science Education And Impart Value Based, Quality Professional Training To Young Children, Men And Women
  2. To Introduce Innovative Programs In Fields Like Engineering, Information Technology, Management , Arts & Science  And Thereby Enable The Youth To become Marketable & Employable In The Global Employment Arena.
  3. To Promote The Development Of The Country By Assisting The Industries To Acquire Technological Innovations Through Industry-Institute partnership cell with close interactions and MOUs.


Empowering Youth To Earn Their Rightful Place In The World – Through Skills!
India’s economy is amongst the fastest growing in the world. As a result, the requirement for a skilled workforce is increasing day by day. But there is an acute shortage of such (skilled) manpower in most sectors which acts as a hurdle to the country’s development.

To bridge the gap in demand & supply for skilled workforce, the central and state governments are encouraging a series of skill training programmes through National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) under Ministry of Skill Development And Entrepreneurship (MSDE) with the help of various agencies, MNCS, and private & public sector.

Our institute features

  • 100% Training and Placement
  • Highly Qualified and Experienced Faculty
  • Industry Institute Interaction
  • Conductive Environment
  • State -of- art Computer Workstation
  • World Class Infrastructure
  • Modern Techniques of Teaching
  • Excellent Teaching Learning Process
  • Short time certificate & value added courses
  • Unrivaled Monitoring and Student Counseling
  • Focus on Career Guidance
  • Holistic Development of Individuals
  • 24 X 7 Internet Facilities
  • Emphasis on Live Projects
  • Active Promotion of Team Work
  • Socially Conscious Service Oriented Work
  • Disciplined Campus Life
  • Tie Up With Reputed Companies